About Us

Core Objective

We are geared towards building brand loyalty by providing a satisfying customer experience that includes enjoyable food and a relaxing atmosphere while running an operation that is efficient enough to also make profits and expand through opening of branches.


To be seen as the best class restaurant operators by delivering the best whilst maintaining high level of customer satisfaction.
To ensure we attract, develop and retain the highest quality employees. We want Nanjala Ltd to be the Hospitality company to work for.

Café Deli Born

Café Deli is an authentic Kenyan brand that was launched by Nanjala Limited in 2007.The brand, which originally began as a bakery that supplied cakes to restaurants in Nairobi, expanded to a boutique restaurant in Westlands in 2010.

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The birth of the 2nd and 3rd branches

As customer demand increased, Nanjala Limited opened a second restaurant along Moi Avenue, Nairobi with a seating capacity of 80. The introduction to the bustling central business district introduced the Café Deli brand to more customers and in 2010 Café Deli opened a third branch, along Nkuruma Road.

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Opening of a 250-seater restaurant along Kenyatta Avenue

In 2015, Café Deli made its greatest milestone yet: the opening of a 250-seater restaurant along Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi. The fresh-look restaurant, paired with the expansion and improvement of the menu, heralded greater growth for the Café Deli business. Built on excellent food production, customer service and innovation-Café Deli has grown from a small bakery to a well-respected restaurant chain over the past 8 years. The company has and continues to endear itself to key stakeholders that will help grow and expand the Café Deli brand.

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Our Mission Statement

We pursue new openings, opportunities and fresh challenges. We give the best service and quality to our clients and most of all, to the many patrons who enter the doors of Nanjala Ltd. We serve the kind of people who expect excellence and value individuality. So we emphasize hospitality in Customer service, Cleanliness, Product quality as these are key in achieving our main goal of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

A Fusion of African and Continental touch to embrace diversity.

In Nanjala ltd we are dedicated to raising standards within the hotel industry, we will continue to achieve measured growth and realistic expansion throughout Kenya, Nairobi. Our main aim is to offer luxurious hospitality and offer the best of both African and Continental cultures.


We are one team
We are committed
We have strong morals
We are passionate about what we do